Guess who’s back?

*coughs* There’s a lot of dust here.

About last year’s NaNovel: it didn’t go anywhere, in the end. I get that a lot, I have to say. I start out strongish, but once NaNo ends, I run out of steam. The obvious answer would be to write outside of NaNo, but it seems I don’t have the motivation at those times. I need to work on that.

And on the outline for this year’s NaNovel. Yeah, I do have an idea. I need to work on it some more, but I’ve got something. Let’s see how this works out.


Last Line of the Day

She couldn’t find anything to say to that. His gaze robbed her of her words. And he was correct. She did deserve the best that the world had to offer. Maybe even other worlds. Not that she would ever find them. The thought rankled.

Wordcount: 51,473

It’s not the best I’ve ever done for NaNo. I’ve reached higher, but this is one of the few NaNovels that I think I can finish come December. Just need to find the motivation outside of the competition.

Last Line of the Day

She found herself being led into the hotel. Once the receptionist saw Tyh, he all but fell over himself in order to serve him. No, it wouldn’t be a problem for Tyh to have someone share his room. The hotel and its facilities would be available to her, of course, and she would be treated the same way as Tyh himself was.

Wordcount: 51,033

I won! I won! I won! Yesterday, to be exact.